NextGeneration Solar - Unfinished Solar PV Project

Limoges, Limousin 1 comment
Not resolved

Salesman promised a project duration of 8 weeks, I have paid in full and yet to be connected after 21 weeks.

My complaint letter has gone unanswered.

There has been numerous failings including poor workmanship (my roof leaks), sending excavator twice for job completed 3 weeks prior, tradesman turning up without materials or tools for the job.

The salesman is trying to project manage, but doesnt know his product or what his tradesman are doing.

Panel install involved a project completion document (sent by mail) which i sent back with my concerns. He didnt read it.

Have sent complaint to CEO,no response to date.


Limoges, Limousin, France #619283

Update: Next Generation have not responded to my complaint letter. My insurance company have sent them a letter demanding a response.

A second inspection from the Conseul resulted in a non conformity.

I have submitted compliant to QualiPV, but yet to get reply.

Next step will be legal action

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